Alan Silvestri


Music Composed And Conducted by
Alan Silvestri

Orchestrations by
Mark McKenzie, David Slonaker and Williams Ross

Produced by
Alan Silvestri and David Bifano

Performed by
The Sinfonia of London Orchestra and Chorus

Recorded and Mixed by
Dennis Sands



Alan Silvestri, brought in to score the film, instead of Goldsmith, who wasn't interested in doing the job, has sure done a great job providing the music.

Performed by a big orchestra, with prominent brass, supported by both female and male choir, as well as a few exotic, Arabian sounding instruments, this is an incredibly fun, swashbuckling, bombastic and adventurous listening experience. The main theme is big, brassy and heroic, reminiscent of Silvestri's classic theme for Back to the Future, given excellent renditions througout the score, but most prominently in "Evy Kidnapped" and the almost eight minutes long "My First Bus Ride" - one of the scores' highlights. There are also several other themes, buth this is the theme you'll be humming as you leave the theatre.

The Egyptian/Arabic influences are there of course, both when it comes to thematic material and harmony, and choices of instruments. Goldsmith's score revolved more around these ideas than Silvestri's though. This approach is of course rather stereotypical, and anything but original. But, hey, it works, and it's quite fun, so why not...!? And the usage of the full choir - although not overused - lends the music a very grand mystical and sometimes quite dark nature, that works really well.

The only negative aspect is that the score offers loud, bombastic action from start to finish. And to be frank it gets a little tiresome at times. Mostly towards the end of the disc. There are some softer parts, but they generally don't last long, before the action takes over the entire stage again.

Review by Andreas Lindahl


Title: The Mummy Returns 2CD
Composer: Alan Silvestri
Tracks: 31 + 19
Total time:   119 mins.
Track Listing: Yes