Title: Pretty Woman
Tracks: 11 Total time: 22 min

Title: SpaceJam Complete Score
Tracks: 38 Total time: 56 min

Title: Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang 2CD
Tracks: 50 Total time: 96 min

Title: Snow White and the Huntsman 2CD
Tracks: 52 Total time: 113:10 min

Title: Waterworld 2CD Recording Sessions
Tracks: 47 Total time: 111:14 min

Title: Peter Pan 2CD Recording Sessions
Tracks: 47 Total time: 103:40 min

Title: The Postman 2CD Recording Sessions
Tracks: 67 Total time: 143:20 min

Title: Treasure Planet 2CD Recording Sessions
Tracks: 39 Total time: 84:10 min

Title: Wyatt Earp 2CD Recording Sessions
Tracks: 81 Total time: 150:11 min

Title: Vertical Limit 2CD Recording Sessions
Tracks: 41 Total time: 97:38 min

Title: SALT 2CD Recording Sessions
Tracks: 35 Total time: 93 min

Title: Signs (Recording Sessions)
Tracks: 22 Total time: 63:10 min

Title: Unbreakable (Complete)
Tracks: 28 Total time: 71:14 min

Title: RV (Complete)
Tracks: 51 Total time: 65:50 min

Title: Runaway Bride
Tracks: 26 Total time: 36:37 min

Title: The Village 2CD (Complete)
Tracks: 18 + 12 Total time: 40:06 + 42:48 mins.

Title: Unconditional Love
Tracks: 39 Total time: 55:46 mins.

Title: Stir of Echoes (Complete)
Tracks: 29 Total time: 42:23 mins
Title: Rich Man's Wife
Composer: John Frizzel and James Newton Howard
Tracks: 23 Total time: 48:32 mins.
Title: One Fine Day
Tracks: 21 Total time: 24 mins.
Title: Outbreak
Tracks: 26    Total time: 60 mins.
Title: Sixth Sense
Tracks: 27 Total time: 55 mins