Title: Gunsmoke: Doc Judge, The Blacksmith, TheWake, Love Thy Neigbor, Old Faces
Tracks: 57 Total time: 57:47 min
Title: Thriller - Television Scores
Tracks: 16 Total time: 19:33 mins
Title: Barnaby Jones - Requiem for a Son (Pilot Episode) 
Tracks: 24 Total time: 19:38 mins

Tracklisting: Yes

Title:  Twilight Zone - The Four of Us Dying
Tracks: 9    Total time: 18:17 mins
Title:  GUNSMOKE - Doc Judge, The Blacksmith and Love Thy Neighbor
Tracks: 12    Total time: 35:33 mins
Title: The Homecoming.. A Christmas Story
Tracks: 36    Total time: 47:10 mins
Title:  The Going Up of David Lev
Tracks: 16    Total time: 35:18 mins
Title:  The Red Pony (Complete)
Tracks: 22    Total time: 53:08 mins
Title: Masada 2CD (Complete Score) 
Composer: Jerry Goldsmith & Morton Stevens
Tracks: 17 + 20  Total time: 50:16 +  59:34 mins
Title: Man from U.N.C.L.E. To Trap a Spy
Tracks: 30 Total time: 36:20 mins
Title: Twilight Zone Episode: Nightmare as a Child
Tracks: 17    Total time: 15:29 mins
Title: Hollister Brotherhood of the Gun
Composers: Jerry and Joel Goldsmith
Tracks: 14    Total time: 30:28 mins